We build websites tailor-made

From lean one-pagers to webshops,
learning applications and social platforms.
Programmed from the ground up, we write neatly organised code.
You can own your website as a file on a memory stick.

How you like it

Most webdesigners take bits and pieces from existing websites and tweak that to fit their client, boring!
Our goal is to make online spaces that are authentic, stylish and uncommon. Everything OTSA comes out of our own kitchen, staying far from just another Wordpress website.

To save us time and to save you money,
we are building up our own templates. To the right you can see our first,
we call it surfin’ bird. Within a month we can make and add your content to it, pick the right colours and add the desired functionalities.
Give us some more time, and we can create from a blank sheet.
We are in it for the creative challenge!


In the one that comes from the all. we people are together with each other, the animals and plants, our earth and the stars above.


Wishing works like this:
1. Know what you want.
2. Speak it out.
3. Trust that life presents you with what you need.
Faith is trusting that everything has meaning.


We experience life linearly, so choices now will influence our future. Put a dot on the horizon and keep on walking.

To Power

Power to the people.
Life force is made to create. Empower yourself to serve your purpose, be lifesize!

In the moment

Technically, the camera captures light from a selected area, giving us a view into the past. It’s the photographer who writes a story from that light, who finds a composition and captures the feeling in the blink of a shutter.
We make good photography and it’s different.


The right words do not exist,
a discription is never the real thing.
And yet we believe in words, like they spell out our lives. Words are magic.
They can spin around and bend the truth, they can turn you into a hero or leave you unheard. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words.
In other words: If you find it hard to write about yourself, we can help.
Languages: NL/EN/EST

Talk to me

Sometimes you might overlook the right answer by asking the wrong questions.
We are interested in the core of things. From there it is easier to build and progress.
We help to find the bigger picture, by asking you what it is all about.
Whatever the case, we would love to hear about how we can draw your dream into reality.